The People of A Heart to Serve

Many committed people make A Heart to Serve possible. The following people ensure that all team members have what they need to serve their communities.

Annie Dunlop

Annie Dunlop, MA
Director of Community Meals, Rockport Healthcare Services

Annie Dunlop is a nonprofit professional with more than 10 years of experience in the nonprofit field. Annie joined Rockport Healthcare Services in 2018. She had previously worked with individuals experiencing mental health challenges and homeless populations while working at the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) San Diego and at People Assisting the Homeless (PATH) San Diego. As both an optimist and pragmatist by nature, Annie says, “If something is difficult it may take a day. If it is impossible, it will take a week.”

Peggy Frerichs

Peggy Frerichs
Volunteer, A Heart to Serve
Resident Council President, Windsor Chico Creek Care and Rehabilitation, Chico, CA

Peggy Frerichs has lived at Windsor Chico Creek Care and Rehabilitation for 15 years. She is the Resident Council President, and been a participant in A Heart to Serve’s Community Meals program since it started. Peggy is an advocate for Community Meals, encouraging other nursing home residents to join her as volunteers in preparing and serving meals at the homeless shelter in their community. Peggy explains, “I love it because it makes me feel like a whole human being. It’s so important to share what we have with everyone. And the homeless need us. That’s the best thing, they need me.”

Teresa Hedges

Teresa Hedges
Activities Director, Windsor Chico Creek Care and Rehabilitation, Chico, CA

Teresa Hedges has been working with Windsor Chico Creek for over 30 years. Together with her colleagues and the resident volunteers, Teresa helped launch A Heart to Serve’s Community Meals program for Rockport Healthcare Services in early 2016. Teresa has spoken at numerous conferences and been interviewed by the media about what A Heart to Serve has accomplished. Teresa says, “People who never come to activities, come to help out with A Heart to Serve. Giving back is liberating … it’s the right thing to do.”

Bonnie Jacobs

Bonnie Jacobs, CTRS
Vice President, Recreation and Social Services, Rockport Healthcare Services

Bonnie Jacobs has been a leader in long-term care for over 30 years. She has been Rockport Healthcare Services’ vice president of recreation and social services programs since 2011. Bonnie says, “I am excited to see the changing dynamics of the long-term care profession, moving from a medical model to a model of person-centered care which supports residents in living meaningful lives. The benefits of A Heart to Serve are long-lasting. Participating helps build community and strengthen positive relationships.”

Carol Larkin

Carol Larkin, FNP, RN
Chief Clinical Officer, Rockport Healthcare Services

Carol Larkin has been chief clinical officer of Rockport Healthcare Services since 2015. Her connection with older adults and her decades of clinical nursing experience makes her an expert on the connections across the mind, body, spirit, and emotions. Carol says, “A Heart to Serve programs benefit the resident volunteers in many ways. The volunteers take care of worthwhile tasks, and that improves their overall well-being.”

Matthew Lysobey

Matthew Lysobey, MPH, LNHA
Chief Community Integration Officer, Rockport Healthcare Services

Matthew Lysobey has been a licensed nursing home administrator for nearly 20 years. He has seen the positive impact of service-based programs to the community of nursing home residents and the community being served. Matthew explains that finding true meaning and purpose by serving others is a path out of depression and a reason for each of us, including nursing home residents, to get out of bed. He believes that anyone with a heart to serve can serve, regardless of any physical or cognitive challenges. As Matthew says, “There’s a common bond, something greater than yourselves that you’re all working toward. When people start coming together, amazing things can happen.”

Michael Wasserman

Mike Wasserman, MD, CMD
CEO, Rockport Healthcare Services

As a geriatrician for nearly 30 years, Mike Wasserman has devoted himself to providing person-centered care for older adults. Mike has served as CEO for Rockport Healthcare Services since 2017. He is the only geriatrician leading a long-term care company in the United States. Mike says, “We talk about focusing on function and quality of life. A Heart to Serve has taught me to add purpose to the list of important things that I see as critical to how we focus on older adults.“