Imagine people across the country in Nursing Homes with Dementia, Strokes, Parkinson’s Disease and other physical and cognitive challenges feeding the homeless, serving their communities, still feeling needed, having a reason to get out of bed.

Frequently Asked Questions

My loved one has very real physical and cognitive challenges. How can they participate?

We believe that anyone with “A Heart to Serve” can serve. If your loved one has one functional hand, they can partner with another resident to grate cheese or prepare lettuce for a salad together. People with dementia have been folding napkins and towels in skilled nursing facilities for years (and refolding the same napkins when they are done). Why not take the next step and allow them to reach out to their community by cutting tomatoes (with our plastic safety chef knives) and scooping food onto a plate for those in need? Let’s see the potential in each person, not the disability. We are committed to finding a way for each resident to feel useful, to continue to contribute to their community.

What do you do if one of the residents uses poor infection control technique while preparing the food?

The staff and residents follow safe food handling practices while preparing the meal to feed people in the community. If the food the resident is working on is contaminated, it is discarded. And, if they wish to continue, we help rewash and reglove etc. so they can get back to work.

Who pays for the food?

Rockport has made the commitment to support every community they serve.
If the residents are willing to prepare and serve the meal, Rockport is happy to purchase it.

Isn’t feeding the homeless dangerous?

Millions of people across the country serve people who are hungry in their community. We work with shelters that have staff present and of course our staff is always there on-site.
Throughout their lives people have the right to participate in activities that are important to them, even if there is some risk. Residents in our communities have the same right. Our goal is not just to keep people safe, but to allow them to lead a meaningful life.

What if I don’t believe in feeding the homeless?

This program is really about the joy that selfless service brings to people’s lives and not the recipients of that service.
It is about finding a reason to go on, a reason to get out of bed in the morning.